300 Things: Abraham Lincoln

I’ve posted this image before — but this is from yesterdays post in my 300 things tumblr which I co-host with one of my best friends.

41. Abraham Lincoln

e: I’m not as big a fan of presidential history as some people (see below) but I’ve got a special place in my heart for AL. Upstanding citizen. Savvy politician. Of course, emancipation. And it’s well-documented that he liked cats. Although his death was tragic, it gives me hope that a person like him could achieve what he did and change the world for so many people.

a: Falling in love with history was the first step – and finding Abraham Lincoln was the next. Of course I had always had a deep admiration for our 16th President – but that admiration blossomed into complete fascination in 2008 as we approached the bicentennial of his birth. More than the individual himself, I’m fascinated with who has become to our society and what his legacy and history means to us now.

A Treasured Gift.

This came to me as a present for being a bridesmaid to one of my best friends. The first version of it was destroyed by an eager cat and this second version of it needs its chain replaced. Overall a very lovely image of good old Abe and a wonderful reminder of how great friends can be.