The GIFt of Able GIFs

Forget the gifts. This season, I’m all about GIFs. Like this one from the good folks at GovLoop (who even made the title of their email blast “Abe in a Santa Hat.”)


I particularly appreciate the “Able” pun, and the implication that Lincoln is, in fact, Santa Claus.


All I Want For Christmas….

Lincoln apparel is “on trend” these days. Now that I’m no longer an angsty teenager trying to pave my own way, I’m fine with selling out every once in a while, especially if it means I get to wear this:


Please. Someone buy this for me, or support this store however you can so this sweater will be available for future generations, too.

What’s Wrong With The Gettysburg Address?

152 years ago this afternoon, President Lincoln delivered one of his most famous speeches. At the time, it was considered a flop (or “The Flop That Popped” in the words of Salvador Litvak), but today we treat it like the gold standard of Presidential communication.

Now that’s not to knock it; it’s an important speech. But by today’s writing standards, it’s anything but clear. Don’t believe me? Check out what happens when you run the address through Hemingway:

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Score 4 and 7 Yards To Go

This weekend I am due to see what will be (**GASP**) my first football game. The match, scheduled between my beloved Michigan Wolverines and the still-weird-for-me-to-think-of-them-in-the-Big-10 Maryland Terps, was supposed to be a night game – but has been bumped up to a 12pm start time.

I’ve been watching Michigan football for years; so getting to see a game in-person will be a treat, but there’s definitely one thing I’ll miss, and no, it’s not the commentary. It’s these commercials:

Kudos to Illinois, for having a state ad campaign that rivals Pure Michigan.

The Elements of Presidential Style

“Practice makes perfect” has always been my approach to writing. Right now, I’m very much in the midst of the “practice” period. While improving my copy-editing capabilities is on the short list for 2016 New Year’s Resolutions, I believe that ALL writing can benefit from another set of eyes.

However, another set of eyes isn’t always the only answer. Sometimes, you’ve got to balance that with style, audience, and other choices.

This image from Laura Freschi on the Development Research Institute’s blog hammers home the value of balancing clarity and style nicely:

“How Good Writing Experts Are Not Always Right”


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