Abraham Line-coln Drawing #TBT

Okay, bad pun. But this old line drawing from my good friend Jon Wilcox seemed like a great throwback thursday post:

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 5.05.51 PM


Beautiful Lincoln Art Exhibit

Photo Nineteen Lincolns artist Greta Pratt’s webpage: http://www.gretapratt.com/index_liabout.html

I happened upon this piece by pure chance – while visiting Seattle I ended up at the Frye museum with my friends. I walked into the room which had the Nineteen Lincolns and was so blown away.

I think one line in the artist’s statement really resonates for me:

These photographs are a continuation of my quest to understand how I, and we, remember history. My intention is to comment on the way a society, composed of individuals, is held together through the creation of its history and heroic figures.

And really – to be frank, that is an excellent summation of why I am so intrigued by our sixteenth president. It is our shared history, or our mutually understood story of what has happened that makes our nation so particularly interesting.
Here is the link to the artists main page for this project: http://www.gretapratt.com/index_li_main.html