Wok N’ Roll & Lincoln’s Demise

As my stomach is starting to grumble in anticipation of my soon-to-be-eaten dinner, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad time to talk about one of my favorite spots in D.C. – Wok N’ Roll Restaurant.

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s true, it is possible to combine my love of Abraham Lincoln, puns and pan-Asian cuisine into one brilliant location.

Granted – the Lincoln connection is a grim one – and any mention of Mary Surratt & Lincoln is sure to bring one thick into the weeds of some of the more difficult elements of Lincoln’s legacy (assassination and suspension of habeas corpus to name a few) – but still a fascinating piece of Lincoln and D.C. history.

Age Old Questions…. About Lincoln and Ninja Turtles.



Heather Havrilesky over at Vulture/New York Magazine has a new post up looking at the “age-old” question of:


“Why Ninja Turtles Are More Real to Us Than Abraham Lincoln” 

The post uses Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as a mini-case study for how audiences approach and engage fiction and reality in media today – definitely worth a read; and something more to consider as coverage & AL:VH fanaticism heats up.

Vampire Hunter — Origins of a “Legend”

Here  (excerpt below the image) is a little bit about the origins of Seth Grahame-Smith’s (pictured above)”Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”


“It was the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday,” he said, “so every bookstore in the entire country had two displays. You’d see the Lincoln biography display and then you would have a ‘Twilight’ display. I looked at that and said somewhat cynically, ‘OK, if you could combine those two things you’d really be onto something.’ “

Grahame-Smith immersed himself in Lincoln biographies and became convinced that the seemingly absurd concept could be pegged to solid historical detail. “The more I read, the more I realized that Lincoln’s real life story is a superhero origins story, and that’s what got me excited,” Grahame-Smith said. “He had to overcome all this darkness, like the death of his mother, yet he pulled himself up by the bootstraps to save the country.”

Yet another piece of information that makes me feel slightly better about this whole ordeal. Bicentennial fever was pretty epic back then and the fact that he purports to have actually done some research gives it some legitimate historical ties makes me feel a little better too. We’ll see though – I’m going to begin reading it this weekend.

Anti-Lincoln Super PAC

Just caught wind of this incredibly hilarious anti-Lincoln campaign out of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

It’s part of a really excellent project known as flackcheck.org highlighting the impact of deceptive political advertising and divisive media reporting.

I love the parallels they are drawing and I think the McClellan/Lincoln and whomever-the-republican-candidate-ends-up-being/Obama metaphor is decently appropriate (albeit, clearly inaccurate and anachronistic). I highly recommend checking out the additional videos on their site.