Vampire Hunter — Origins of a “Legend”

Here  (excerpt below the image) is a little bit about the origins of Seth Grahame-Smith’s (pictured above)”Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”


“It was the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday,” he said, “so every bookstore in the entire country had two displays. You’d see the Lincoln biography display and then you would have a ‘Twilight’ display. I looked at that and said somewhat cynically, ‘OK, if you could combine those two things you’d really be onto something.’ “

Grahame-Smith immersed himself in Lincoln biographies and became convinced that the seemingly absurd concept could be pegged to solid historical detail. “The more I read, the more I realized that Lincoln’s real life story is a superhero origins story, and that’s what got me excited,” Grahame-Smith said. “He had to overcome all this darkness, like the death of his mother, yet he pulled himself up by the bootstraps to save the country.”

Yet another piece of information that makes me feel slightly better about this whole ordeal. Bicentennial fever was pretty epic back then and the fact that he purports to have actually done some research gives it some legitimate historical ties makes me feel a little better too. We’ll see though – I’m going to begin reading it this weekend.


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