300 Things: Abraham Lincoln

I’ve posted this image before — but this is from yesterdays post in my 300 things tumblr which I co-host with one of my best friends.

41. Abraham Lincoln

e: I’m not as big a fan of presidential history as some people (see below) but I’ve got a special place in my heart for AL. Upstanding citizen. Savvy politician. Of course, emancipation. And it’s well-documented that he liked cats. Although his death was tragic, it gives me hope that a person like him could achieve what he did and change the world for so many people.

a: Falling in love with history was the first step – and finding Abraham Lincoln was the next. Of course I had always had a deep admiration for our 16th President – but that admiration blossomed into complete fascination in 2008 as we approached the bicentennial of his birth. More than the individual himself, I’m fascinated with who has become to our society and what his legacy and history means to us now.

The President’s Race

Last week I went to my first baseball game of the season  – Nationals v. Marlins. Had some great seats in the lower section behind first plate -which meant that I had a decent view of “the main event” — the Presidents Race.


If you are unfamiliar with the Presidents Race (and the plight of our 26th President) I recommend checking this site out: http://blog.letteddywin.com/

I caught that pic of a man wearing that awesome “Winning races since 1860” shirt and thought it was worth a share. Lincoln & Washington are tied with 3 wins each this season with Jefferson coming out strong with 5. And while I still hold Abe dear to my heart, I cannot help but echo the calls to let Teddy win.

Statues in the Park

It’s Emancipation Day here in D.C. – where we celebrate the fact that 150 years ago today the DC Compensated Emancipation Act of 1862 went into effect and ended slavery in the District


Being a resident of Capitol Hill, I visit Lincoln Park – or as it has also been known as “Racist Statue Park” – with some regularity. The picture above shows the Thomas Ball statue which resides on the western side of the park. I was really pleased to see a nice write up in the Post examining the complexities of this statue – which also addresses the important issue of how we view history today, and how different images and figures mean different things to different eras.

Famous Cat Lovers

Mary Todd was once asked if Abe had any hobbies and her reply was: cats.

Lest you doubt Lincoln’s love of cats:

Mr. Lincoln had a particular weakness for kittens. One friend from his New Salem days recalled that he “ would take one & turn it on its back & talk to it for half an hour at a time.”10 Another New Salem resident recalled young Lincoln playing with the Carman family kittens, Jane and Susan: “he would Take them up in his lap & play with them and Hold their heads together & say Jane had a better countenance [sic] than Susan Had.”11

So there you have it… Lincoln & Lee’s kitty ranch could have been a reality.

Wok N’ Roll & Lincoln’s Demise

As my stomach is starting to grumble in anticipation of my soon-to-be-eaten dinner, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad time to talk about one of my favorite spots in D.C. – Wok N’ Roll Restaurant.

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s true, it is possible to combine my love of Abraham Lincoln, puns and pan-Asian cuisine into one brilliant location.

Granted – the Lincoln connection is a grim one – and any mention of Mary Surratt & Lincoln is sure to bring one thick into the weeds of some of the more difficult elements of Lincoln’s legacy (assassination and suspension of habeas corpus to name a few) – but still a fascinating piece of Lincoln and D.C. history.

Age Old Questions…. About Lincoln and Ninja Turtles.



Heather Havrilesky over at Vulture/New York Magazine has a new post up looking at the “age-old” question of:


“Why Ninja Turtles Are More Real to Us Than Abraham Lincoln” 

The post uses Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as a mini-case study for how audiences approach and engage fiction and reality in media today – definitely worth a read; and something more to consider as coverage & AL:VH fanaticism heats up.