President By Day. Hunter By Night.

Hadn’t seen this poster yet, but it made me admit something to myself. My ambivalence is turning. My interest is piqued. I am kind of legitimately excited to see it now.

So what changed? Caleb Deschanel. Father of Emily and Zooey. Director of Photography on The Right Stuff, The Natural, The Patriot and the Passion of the Christ. Director of three damn fine episodes of Twin Peaks… and now cinematographer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I guess I figured, if this man is involved — it has to be at least somewhat decent? Right? Maybe?

Well in any event — I’m going to try and give this film a fair shake.. and in my quest to do so I will also brush up on my Timur Bekmambetov (director) films and may actually read the book.

Alright — really I’m just going to consider this a dry run for the treatment I intend to give Spielberg’s Lincoln. (I know… that doesn’t justify it.. does it?)


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